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As harvest comes to an end, the team here at Glascock Equipment would like to thank all of our customers for their business.

With the crops harvested the focus switches over to fall tillage, spraying, fertilizer application, and cover crop planting.  Glascock Equipment would like to help meet your needs as much as we can.  For fall tillage we have the Great Plains Turbo Max, Max Chisel, Turbo Till, and Turbo Chisel; if you would be interested in seeing one of these machines run let us know, and we can see what we can do.  We also have some used tillage pieces from other manufacturers.  To see all that we have to offer check out our tillage section under products.  As of today we do not have any sprayers or fertilizer applicators.  When it comes to cover crop planting we have two smaller options; the Great Plains 1300-2175 End Wheel Drill & the Great Plains NTS2509.

As the harvest ends, the leaves begin to fall.  While driving through the towns you see people raking their leaves or sweeping them off their sidewalks.  A Stihl hand blower or back pack blower would make this chore a breeze!  The options for a Stihl blower are almost endless at our store. A customer has 4 choices of hand held blowers, 1 shredder vac/blower, 7 back pack options, and 1 lithium battery hand held blowers.  There is also the blower attachment for the Kombi system.  You can check out all the options online by clicking on the Stihl category under our products tab, or give our parts department a call and they can answer all your questions.

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Late 2014 it was decided that there wasn’t enough storage space at the dealership, so in December that year the technicians began building a Pro Tec building.  The Pro Tec Engineering Buildings is a division of Sioux Steel Company out of Sioux Falls, SD.  The buildings can be designed for many industries, for example: grain storage for agriculture; warehousing for industrial; pool enclosures for recreational; and boat and RV storage for household use.

One of the first decisions a person needs to make when building a Pro Tec building is what model works best for you.  The two building models are Single Tube and Sentry.  The Single Tube building width choices are 24′, 30′, and 36′.  Sentry Series building width options are 40′, 50′, 60′, 70′, 80′, 90′, 100′, 110′, 130′, 150′, and 180′.  The length of the building can be designed for what works best for your operation.

The frame of the Single Tube buildings is made from 14 gauge Allied Gatorshield tubing.  The tubing is 2.5″ in diameter, and can withstand 50,000 PSI.  The galvanized coating on the tubes provides great protection from rust and corrosion.  The cover over the building is a standard woven 20 mil thick polyethylene cover with a white interior for natural lighting.  A ratchet tie-down system is used to securely attach, tighten, and hold the cover.  The great thing about this system is it allows fast, easy adjustments if needed.  An interesting feature of the building is there are no bolts or tools needed.  The connectors and rafters are made to fit in a tight, immovable system.  The simplicity of the building makes it easy to relocate if needed.

The Sentry Series buildings are known for their ability to withstand high wind speeds up to 90 mph.  The buildings can also hold up 60 pounds per square foot of snow depending on the rafter spacing.

Like most products these days, there are a multitude of different options from ridge vents to doors to cover colors.  A nice thing about the covers is they do not absorb the heat, so in the summer the building is cooler and then warmer in the winter months.

Here at Glascock Equipment we use our Sentry Series building to store some of our Sioux Steel livestock equipment, balers, trucks, trailers, and anything else we would like to keep protected from the elements.  The building is a great addition to our storage space that was quick and easy to put up.

If you have any questions about the Pro Tec buildings, or would like to get a quote on one, please contact us at (765) 294-2256.

Glascock Equipment

Rodney Agri News

During the Indiana-Illinois Farm & Outdoor Power Show Glascock Equipment’s sales representative Rodney Smith was interviewed by Amie Sites with Indiana Agri News.  The Indiana Agri News has been publishing articles about careers in agriculture, and Rodney was picked for equipment sales.  Rodney spoke about the company, the perks of his job, and his goal of making sure the customer’s needs are met.

~Carly Coon


Equipment salesman strives to help farmers thrive
Amie Sites, Field Editor
Thursday, December 31, 2015 5:00 PM

KINGSMAN, Ind. — Each day is a little different for Rodney Smith, a salesman with Glascock Equipment and Sales, but the ultimate goal is the same: Help farmers and other customers find equipment to make their work easier.
The Fountain County native always wanted to do something in agriculture. He grew up helping out on his family’s grain and livestock farm before he left to work in the steel industry.

After 12 years, Smith made a decision to do something that would allow him to spend more time with his family and help out on the farm.

Working in sales for Glascock Equipment was a natural fit.

“We deal with extremely good clientele and that makes it fun,” Smith said. “I like working with farmers, and I knew that this was something I would enjoy doing.”

He works with customers, selling hay equipment, livestock equipment, tillage equipment and more. Taking care of the customer is the most important aspect of the job, he said.

Although it is a different time in the industry with higher input costs and lower commodity prices, farmers still need equipment, Smith said.

“A lot of products we promote are actually products that save or make you money,” he said. “It’s a different scenario than it has been in the past, but there is still a lot of interest there.”

Glascock Equipment and Sales was started in 1976 by Loren and Janice Glascock. Something that makes the company stand out is the family feel, Smith said.

Another thing that makes the company special is that as a short-line dealer it picks and chooses what it wants to sell, he said.

“If we like something and we think it’s going to benefit people, we get it,” he said. “That’s our criteria on how we pick things.”

To prepare for the job, he learned as much as he could about the products he would be selling. He advises anyone thinking about a career in equipment sales to do the same.

“I firmly believe you need to know what you’re selling,” Smith said. “You have to understand it — that’s the biggest thing you can do.”

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